Thursday, April 29, 2010

The history of numerology

Numerology is the art and science of numbers. Numerology was designed to properly name a person or thing in such a manner that the vibration is in harmony with nature specifically the nine planets mentioned in vedic astrology.

Thirumoolar is the foremost sidha among the 18 sidhars in Tamil Nadu. He wrote the popular book 'Thirumandhiram'. Some eight thousand years before he gave the five letter word நமசிவாய (Namachivaya - lord shiva). He offered the people the eight chakaras. 1 காலச்சக்ரா 2 திரிபுரை சக்ரா 3 ஏரலி சக்ரா 4 திருவம்பல சக்ரா 5 வயிரவி சக்ரா 6 சாம்பவி மண்டல சக்ரா 7 புவனாபதி சக்ரா 8 நவாக்கரி சக்ரா

Following that mantras like Akrooshna, uchadana, vashiya, sthambana, maarana and such yantras were created.

The most famous chakra was sri chakra created by  Adi Shankara the famous Adwaitha saint. It was told that there is numerous mysterious powers in sri chakra.

For material gain and professional success sudharshan chakra and kube dhan akarshana maha yantra were designed and used in homes, business centeres and commercial establishments. Such yantras were believed to be bring about wealth, money and power.

The ancient sidhas understand the importance of numbers and conceived and designed yantras using the numerals to decrease the bad effects of nava grahas (nine planets). Thus sidhas can be considered the founding fathers of numerology.

Hebrews, Egyptians and Germans researched numbers and developed numerology to benefit the mankind. They discovered the link between numbers and names and their effect on human life.

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