Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nameology consultant

Numerologist, Nameologist Dr. C.V.Rajarajan

Did you know the nameologist C.V.Rajarajan who appears on Jaya Television in the morning. He claims to have changed the lives of many by changing their name. I don't believe much in this. How can a name change the destiny of  a man. A man's destiny is changed only by his will. There may be a link between will and name. Sure some names are not powerful like other. For example you have a name not liked even by yourself. Whenever anyone call you by that name you develop a hatred and inferiority complex. So in  a sense name has much to do with the inner self of a man. That can even change  the will. It's enough about psychology. If you wish to meet Dr. C.V. Rajarajan here is the address. If somebody has any experience with him please write a comment. By the way i don't know how he got that Dr prefix before his name. I want to know in what discipline he got doctorate and from which university?

Dr. C.V. Rajarajan
12-B, Arcot Road,
2nd cross street,
Oppj. Royal Shop,
Chennai - 92

Phone: 044-2364 3220, 2364 3405
Cell: 98400 19245, 92821 58287
He also visit madurai on July, 11, 2010

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